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Most everyday activities involve use of our arms and shoulders and in order to allow you normal use, the shoulder joint is designed to be very flexible.

It is therefore very important that the muscles supporting the shoulder remain strong and flexible enough to prevent it from becoming inflamed and painful.


Common conditions of the shoulder, such as tendonitis, frozen shoulder and muscle strain can be successfully treated by Osteopaths using a combination of hands on treatment and exercises.


What is frozen shoulder?                                        

Frozen shoulder or 'adhesive capsulitis' is a condition which affects shoulder joint mobility with debilitating pain and stiffness.
It primarily effects people aged between 40 and 60 and classically develops over a period of several weeks or months after a trauma to the joint.
If left untreated recovery can be slow and symptoms can last for two to three years.



Diagnosis is relatively simple, usually from patient history and clinical examination. X-ray or MRI are rarely necessary to confirm its presence.  



The aim of treatment is to regain full pain-free mobility of the shoulder joint as soon as possible.


We use gentle joint manipulation and mobilisation, deep soft tissue and massage techniques to the muscles and tendons supporting the shoulder, together with a graduated exercise programme to help restore the lost movement.


It is important that treatment should start within six months of onset to get the most benefit from manipulative treatment.

In certain cases which do not respond to manipulative treatment, keyhole surgery may be indicated and we will happily refer you, either via your GP or privately to the most appropriate specialist for this condition.


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