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Who can benefit from Osteopathic Treatment?

You, your Family, Friends and Colleagues will all benefit from our comprehensive physical examination, diagnosis and treatment.
Treatment will help you to achieve optimal physical health and minimise the progress of long-term degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, whilst helping alleviate pain and discomfort from your daily lives.



Accidental injuries / Whiplash

Trauma can cause spinal dysfunction, distort your body structure and cause irritation to nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments and discs. We specialise in detecting and resolving spinal dysfunction and the pain often associated with traumatic injury such as whiplash.

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Sports, Dance or Work related Injuries

Repetitive strain or overuse at work or during dance, sports and exercise can impair joint mobility, muscle strength, reflexes, endurance and performance.

This can lead to pain, disability and a decrease in your quality of life. You don't have to live with it - we can help you get to the root of the problem, and with a combination of appropriate treatment and advice we can alleviate your symptoms and help prevent the problem from recurring.

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Pregnancy & Early Years

The rapid weight gain, postural and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can cause pain and discomfort in almost any part of the body; however the majority of symptoms normally manifest in the lumbar and pelvic areas. Pregnant women seek our help either directly or through their GPs or Midwives.

Osteopathic treatment has been shown to be particularly effective in helping to restore spinal and pelvic function, thereby alleviating many of the painful symptoms often associated with pregnancy.

We also recommend that we carry out a check up two or three months after childbirth so we can assess and carefully correct any structural changes to the spine and pelvis that have occurred during labour or delivery.

In addition to this, Parents of young children often benefit from advice on how to lift and carry a child which is growing heavier day by day!


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Children & Teenagers

Children grow quickly and their muscles, ligaments, and bones develop rapidly. A jump or fall can jar the body, affect the spine and nervous system and go undetected for years.

Simple factors, such as a heavy schoolbag or poor seating will have negative effects on your children's health.

Teenage years can be a key time to spot potential problems in spinal mechanics, which if diagnosed and treated early may help prevent developing more serious or long term conditions later in life.


We hope to advise on the benefits of good diet, regular exercise and improved posture, achieved with the aid of Osteopathic care to help achieve a body that is structurally and functionally sound.


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Older Adults

Older adults encounter physical problems associated with ageing.
We understand the effects of ageing and can provide treatment aimed specifically at alleviating the pain and stiffness of arthritis (wear & tear) of the spine and peripheral joints.

Using a more gentle approach incorporating soft tissue massage and articulatory techniques, we will hope to help, not only in the relief of pain but also in the improvement of posture, function and quality of life.


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